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Past Faithful Navigators
1982-1983Sir Knight George E. Murphy*6292
1983-1984Sir Knight Henry W. Kowalski6153
1984-1985Sir Knight Paul F. Cooke6292
1985-1986Sir Knight William J. McCarron6153
1986-1987Sir Knight Edward M. Corcoran*, PSD459
1987-1988Sir Knight Alberto C. Bueno4522
1988-1989Sir Knight William G. Leyden6292
1989-1990Sir Knight Francis J. Loughney, PSD7992
1990-1991Sir Knight Richard P. Owen4522
1991-1992Sir Knight Ramon A. Evon7992
1992-1993Sir Knight John L. Kvasnicka6153
1993-1994Sir Knight Carl C. Kaczmarek8600
1994-1995Sir Knight David J. Todd, Sr.6292
1995-1996Sir Knight Alphonse G. Santarelli7992
1996-1997Sir Knight Carl J. Bender, Jr.*8600
1997-1998Sir Knight Isaias Alba, III, PSD12846

1998-1999Sir Knight John W. Wetzel8403
1999-2000Sir Knight Richard D. Mu´┐Żoz8403
2000-2001Sir Knight Marion W. Kuhlman*6292
2001-2002Sir Knight Jay F. Cabacar12846
2002-2003Sir Knight Thomas J. Snee7992
2003-2004Sir Knight Timothy G. Donovan8600
2004-2005Sir Knight David J. Todd, Sr.6292
2005-2006Sir Knight Thomas J. Connelly8600
2006-2007Sir Knight Thomas V. Kelley6292
2007-2008Sir Knight Richard P. Lee8600
2008-2009Sir Knight William W. Weich6292
2009-2010Sir Knight George H. Billy6292
2010-2011Sir Knight Dennis A. Brown4522
2011-2012Sir Knight Dennis M. Makurat6292
2012-2013Sir Knight David J. Todd, Jr.6292
2013-2014Sir Knight Gerard S. Rutkowski 8600
2014-2015Sir Knight Daniel J. Turgeon 8600

* deceased
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